We rappers, songwriters, producers, and other fellow players in the hip hop arena are artists. Part of being an artist is delivering a message. Yet while there are digital tools and online communities out there for us creatives, the urban music content segment is underserved.

Enter New Rap City, the new home for mobile and web applications to cultivate the creation and enhance the listening experience of rap across its many forms and subgenres. We provide a space for rappers to exchange ideas and throw down some beats—and maybe even a rap battle or two.

But New Rap City isn’t just a social hub. After testing out those fresh rhymes and samples and getting some feedback, our platform offers tools and resources based on cutting-edge technologies to master your craft, maximize your reach and monetize your brand.

New Rap City is the place where you can do more than just deliver your message. You can own the message. New Rap City is a home for rappers and hip hop artists. Come join the new urban economy and be a part of the vibe.

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